Available Services

The EAP provides confidential and experienced assistance to help you and your family resolve personal problems that affect your health, family or job. In addition to assessment and referral services, the EAP provides information, education and consultation both independently and in concert with other professional resources.

Family Concerns

Family concerns can impose a heavy burden on anyone at anytime in their lives. It could be the illness of a child, a divorce or the loss of a loved one. Regardless of the cause, the EAP's variety of professional resources can help you through your difficult times. Even if you just need someone to talk to, call the EAP to arrange a consultation.

Marriage Counseling

The EAP can help you and your spouse with all stages of marriage counseling. Whether the marriage is just beginning to show the signs of friction or divorce is seriously being considered, the EAP can refer you to experienced and professional counseling services that understand the many challenges today's couples face.

Stress Management

Stress can be a daily occurrence for many of us. Whether it is in your personal life, professional life or both, excessive stress can begin to effect many aspects of your life if left unchecked. There are many options for dealing with stress and the EAP can provide you with many treatment resources.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

If you are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you need to know that help is available. The EAP can refer you to compassionate and highly experienced addictions counselors who will be able to help you better understand your condition and how to best begin treatment and get your life back.

Financial Issues

Most of us will experience some sort of financial difficulties at one time or another during our lifetime. Fianncial issues can impact your daily life and well-being as strongly as any other stress and should not be overlooked. You may even experience symptoms including insomnia, weight loss or gain, and even anxiety attacks.

Psychological Concerns

Psychological concerns can be anything from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder and anorexia. The EAP can provide you with the resources to address your concerns from diagnosis to treatment. The EAP has a full range of mental health services and professionals available to assist you from the moment you have your first appointment.


Self Referral

The employee or family member my phone the EAP directly, talk to an EAP consultant and arrange an appointment.

Supervisor Recommended Referral

The employee may be encouraged to seek assistance from the EAP by a supervisor, administrator or union representative.

Job Performance Referral

A supervisor or administrator may refer the employee to the EAP because of deteriorating job perfromance, excessive absenteeism or violation of workplace policy such as drug free workplace, etc.

Referral For Specialized Services

If you need ongoing assistance, you will be referred to qualified resources. Your benefits coverage and ability to pay are considered when making referrals. The least intrusive, most appropriate level of help is always recommended.

If you are the supervisor of the emotionally stressed or troubled individual, remember:

• Be patient
• Remain calm and collected
• Offer support & assistance
• Remain as neutral as possible
• Openly speak with the individual
• Maintain a stable and productive environment
• Modify work & requirements if possible
• Seek support from higher levels
• Contact the EAP